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Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority staff members participated in our annual Autism Speaks fundraisers. The Fourth Annual Bowl for Autism was held on April 8th and April 15th, 2017, at the Fort Hill Bowling Center. Funds were raised through bake sales, snack sales, bowling, and donations. A check for $6,350 was presented to Fay Painter, Executive Director of Autism Speaks in the Nation’s Capital Area. Special thanks to Captain Enochs (LADC) for all his hard work putting all the events together each year!

Returning to the Community More Productive Citizens

The primary mission of the Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority is to support the criminal justice system by operating its centers in a manner that produces a safe and secure environment for the public, staff, and inmates.

The Authority, by primarily using direct supervision techniques, will provide for basic inmate needs and make available programs and services that promote self-responsibility and development, and have the goal of returning to the community more productive citizens.

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About the BRRJA Central Office

The Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority’s Central Office is located in the Lynchburg Adult Detention Center. The Central Office includes Administrative Staff, Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Internal Affairs, Payroll, and Purchasing. If you need to contact someone from one of these Departments within the Central Office, please call 434.847.3100 or fax 434.847.5134.

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