Inmate Mail

Receiving Mail

  • When mailing letters to inmates, please use your correct return name and address.
  • Inmates may not receive or keep in their possession more than 10 pictures at a time.
  • Polaroid pictures and frames are not allowed.
  • Pictures must be no larger than 4×6.
  • Nude or revealing pictures of any type are not allowed.
  • Greeting cards with mechanical devices, such as musical or recording, are not allowed.
  • Bookmarks, plastic or paper, are not allowed.
  • Do not send envelopes, paper, or stamps. These items must be purchased from the commissary.
  • Do not send letters, cards, or drawings with stickers, glitter, crayons, plastic, strings, or any type of pasting.
  • Do not send credit cards, phone cards, or calling cards through the mail.
  • Do not send any types of books, magazines, or pamphlets through the mail.

Receiving Books

  • Inmates can only have three (3) paperback books at a time.
  • No hard covers or metal binders.
  • Inmates can only have three (3) magazines or newspapers at a time.
  • Books, magazines, and newspapers must be by subscription only and must have a label with the inmate’s name verifying the subscriber. They must be sent directly from a publisher, bookstore, or book club.
  • Only AA or NA books will be accepted at the Main Lobby on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., excluding holidays.

Receiving Money

ONLY MONEY ORDERS MAILED will be accepted at the facilities. No drop-offs permitted. NO CASH, CERTIFIED CHECKS, OR PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Make money orders payable to BRRJA with the inmate’s name written after the purchaser’s name.


Mailing Addresses for Inmates: